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Gone are the days when you would have to grey your hair in the sun to build a house. What used to be once once-in-a-lifetime work is now just a click away. Now you can buy a flat or even build your own dream home with just a few clicks.

Many developers and e-portals are now offering apps and websites that help buyers not only process home loans but also design interiors, manage maintenance and even re-sell property. Such 360-degree service comes as a respite for the Millenials urban buyers who live in one city and are investing in another one.

The pioneers of such end-to-end services are Make My House, Arrivae, SILA and Indiabulls Housing Finance. While Indiabulls Housing Finance introduced a mobile app to apply and process for the home loan easily, Make My House lets its users pick a plot, architect, building material and interiors online.

Arrivae lets you conceptualize your interiors, pick furniture and select paint shades online while SILA offers annual and contract-based services for everything from fit-outs to car care, at a click.

It may sound silly to take such a big step virtually, Millenials are already ready to experiment with the concept. Mumbai businessman Mustafa Nadeem, 33, for instance, turned to Make My House when he decided to build his dream home in Indore. His dream house was delivered in eight months exactly as per his demands.

“They helped me get all the land approvals, gave in to my demand that every room in my 4BHK house should overlook a landscaped garden, and delivered the completed house in eight months,” Hindustan Times quoted Nadeem as saying. “Best of all, I only visited the site three times, to sign the sale deed and check on progress. Everything else was done through the website.”

This image is for depiction purpose only.

Similarly, Thane chef Neeta Desai took the services of Arrivae to set up her dream home in her 2 b.h.k. flat.

“They helped me get it all done, including a bonsai in the bathroom and a rustic living room,” said Desai. “I only checked in twice.”

The idea of not getting heckled over by contractors and architects and yet getting what you wish for does sound exciting. The coming years are expected to see a surge in such 360-degree end-to-end services, much to the joy of the young cash-rich but busy buyers.


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